Revolutionary innovation on the wooden windows market - EUROWINDOW THERMO PASSIVE 112

Revolutionary innovation on the wooden windows market - EUROWINDOW THERMO PASSIVE 112

Your company TP EUROokna comes to the market with completely new design of wooden windows. What was your intention?

For many years we are among the market leaders in the introduction of new products and technologies in the field of wooden windows production.As the first and so far the only one we manufacture on a machining center Conturex, which allows to produce with unprecedented accuracy.Now we have decided to develop a completely new type of Windows that moves its use properties to a higher level. Our goal was to create a window with the best possible insulating properties. Window that will meet the permanently increasing demands for building fillings by architects and customers.

How did you manage to fulfil this goal?

In cooperation with engineers of the German company GOLD and with our Testing laboratory of joinery products of the Mendel university we have created the eurowindow Thermo Passive Gold 112. AS the name suggest, it is a window with a profile depth of 112mm. The design is based on the classic eurowindow which has been manufactured and used for several decades. Gradual improvement and refinement of the time-tested designs is in my opinion the right developmental path. We can say that the new window IV 112 is an evolution of the already proven model Thermo Plus Gold 92. But technical and usable properties are true revolution – the heat transfer coefficient is for the new window U=0,49 W/(m2.K). This value is by 30% better than for the windows IV 92 and by 70% better than for the windows IV 68. Resistance to wind load corresponds to the class C4, waterproof to the class 900 – which are the best values, which can be achived with building panels.

Through which solutions can you achieve such top-class values?

Thermal insulation of the whole window significantly affects the use of four glasses. Some influance has also the increased structural depth of the window - added mass on frame and sash insulates better. In the new window there is a unique system of 5 strippings used - 3 are in the rebate, 1 additive against shear rain and wind is placed in the frame and 1 is put under the glazing bar. Common eurowindows use a maximum of 3 strippings. The tightness of the window improving and also greatly improved aesthetic appearance provides the use of hidden hinges, theat are completely hidden in the rebate of the window (hinges are not visible at all). There is no formation of thermal bridges and the window has visually cleaner appearance. Naturally we use fittings with increased loading capacity.

Today, they are also highly desired the wood-aluminium windows. Do you offer this option?

The eurowindows Thermo Passive 112 are offered in both variants. The classic wood eurowindows are more economical. Wood-aluminium design of these windows with the constructional depth of 130mm is the best what is generally offered by today´s market.

Can these windows be made also by another producer?

The chosen technical solutions are very demanding in terms of accuracy – for exemple the system of 3 stripping in the rebate works only in case of really accurate processing. Unless leaf and frame have exact dimensions, than one of the three stripping does not fit tightly and is basically unnecessary. The windov IV 112 is not intended for general production, but for narrower group of customers who are looking for superior quality and utility value. Production of this type of window is much more economical to be carried out on CNC machine tools which have much more flexibility and accuracy than conventional window centers. Our machining center has a patented technology by means of which the work piece can be machined in a single clamping – manufacturing accuracy is one tenth of mm. So, the answer to your question is: the perfect window manufacturing requires the highes processing accuracy that can be achieved only by the most modern machining center, which in the Czech Republic is currently used only by the company TP EUROokna.

For what type of customer is your window Thermo Passive Gold 112 determined?

The new window is designed into new buildings carried out in a passive or low energy standard. It is particularly suitable for building with large glass areas where the window thermal insulation is decisive for the total heat loss of the building. It is a window for customers who are looking for a technically perfect product that will bring them a high profit and saves operating costs of their house.

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